I have worked with such prominent international artists as KD Lang, Jessie J, John Mayer, and Katherine Jenkins. Also I've produced concerts and events for leading Australian entertainers such as David Campbell, Rob Mills, Bert Newton, and Rhonda Burchmore. Having had the privilege of working with Sina King over the last six years, it has been a pleasure to watch her rapidly develop as a brilliant artist and performer. Sina has a classical sense for showmanship and contemporary expression, all combined with an intriguingly seductive persona that captivates any adult crowd. I would recommend Sina to perform at your event, showcase, or entertainment spectacle as her beauty, versatility, and creativity is certain to leave an audience screaming for more. \ PJ Lane
16 Nov 2017
King Size Boa
Do you enjoy making a statement when you enter a room?... Perhaps you enjoy making jaws drop?...

Created with opulence and luxury in mind the King Size Boa is the ultimate show-stopping accessory.


Comprising of plush ostrich feathers this boa truly is at the height of glamour. Each boa has been hand-crafted for rigorous performance durability, weighted for added movement and (new!) tricks and effects, trimmed with bespoke details that cameras and artisans will appreciate.

Sina's show-prop masterpiece measures at least 3 meters (9.5 Feet)  including permanent tails, or almost 4 meters (13 Feet) with the optional 'Limited Edition KING SIZE BANGLE' attachment accessory and tails.

[Image of Sina King by Vicky Papas Vergara]


About the Boa


EXTRA AND FABULOUS... just the way we like it!

These Liberace-level-glamour ostrich feather boa have been hand-made in Melbourne, Australia with the highest quality feathers. These feathers have been used in many of Sina's costumes to date, so are very much "fit for a King" or Queen.
We have a variety of colours in stock at any given time. If you wish to request something custom, we can also cater to that.
Please enquire for current colour chart. 
Pictured: Bonita Dangerdoll takes her 'Dove Grey' boa into the air, showing how versatile the design is for ease of use. 
Pictured: Scarlett Tinkerbelle shows off her Deep Green boa with custom black King Size Bangles.
Display of Boa and Bangles in storage. Easy to hang or squeeze into a suitcase. 

Limited Edition KING SIZE Bangle

For added drama; the glazed cherry on top of an already delicious dessert... the KING SIZE BANGLE
Sina's personal creation was crafted over two years in the studio and designed for new use of the boa tails as hand props. Bonus, they double as decadent arm candy. As they are the original creation of Sina King, the KING SIZE BANGLE cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world!
Your 'King Size Bangles' can be quickly and easily removed from your 'King Sized Boa' and used as poi or mini-boa fans/pom poms. Additionally,  they're interchangeable (yes, just unclip to change) for when you want to use your 'King Size Bangles' whilst swapping 'King Size Boa' colours.
As this design is original and new to market, you'll have the chance to be one of the first to discover all of their creative uses!
International showgirl and Headmistress of the 'New Orleans Burlesque Academy', Bella Blue was the first burlesque queen to take the beloved boa to the stage and helped launch the boa into the cultivated status it has today. 
Bella Blue with her Amethyst coloured King Size Boa with silver tone King Size Bangles performing in New Orleans 2018. (See Bella @bellabluenola)
KING SIZE BANGLE are offered in a matching set (2) each with decorative TAIL CONE and are lightweight yet very sturdy in design. They measure approx. 15cms in diameter, with a centre opening diameter of approx. 9cms. Weight approx 150-200 gms each.

TAIL CONE and attachment ring come with silver base and are decorated with stunning silver crystals. Bangle colour and crystal colour may be CUSTOMIZABLE upon consultation.

Monster glamour for those who know what to do with it... Show it off!  





 So you want to put your opuence level into overdrive?... Add to your King Size Boa, and King Size Bangles, with the King Size Dusters!

Just as the name implies they're like a pure glamour version of a feather duster, but better.



Handcrafted for aerodynamic movement and bounce, they're the perfect addition for those wanting to make a crowd gasp! Yes, this actually happens.

These adornments are made of 100% beautiful ostrich feather plumes, decorated with crystals, and are detachable.

All King Size products are interchangeable, so you can build them up, or simplify them with ease, making your props adjust for your occasion. Genius! 

Available in Strap Dusters (attached along length of King Size Boa), or Poi Dusters (added to the King Size Bangles). 




King Size Boa with Permanent Tails (2.9 meters / 9.5 Feet) 
Email management@misssinaking.com to discuss your order.
2 x Limited Edition King Size Bangles, Tail cones (without feathers) in Silver tone
Email management@misssinaking.com to discuss your custom order.
Custom Orders: Choose your colour of feathers, bangles, crystals. We understand colour is very personal and will do our best to make your glamour dreams come to life. 
Delivery dates may vary based on demand. If we have your desired colour in stock, assume 4 weeks as the earliest delivery. If a custom colour, it can be up to 12 weeks.
Rush Fee - Includes express postage fees and priority delivery date. Please discuss your timeline needs with us to ensure it is possible. 

How to Order:

Email management@misssinaking.com for your personal order service, all enquiries welcome. Available to ship to most countries. 
Payments can be made by PayPal ($100 fee), Square App (credit card invoice emailed), or Electronic Bank Transfer (Banking details will be sent via email).
Any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!
Thank you,
Lots of love and glamour, 
Team Sina :) 


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