Gatsby Vintage Showgirl

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Gatsby Vintage Showgirl

Glamorous and Fabulous

A little party never killed nobody! It's the party of the year and the city's favourite showgirl has been invited to entertain the esteemed guests of everyone's favourite host. Dripping in glamour and feathers this magnificent muse is a showstopper! If you're celebrating in the style of Gatsby, Prohibition, 1920's - 1950's, Vegas, or just glamour and opulence then this fabulous show is just what the party needs. Engaging, loveable, fun and flirty... this showgirl made it the top by knowing EXACTLY what your party needs. ;) Click the 'Make a Booking' button below to chat about having Sina at your event. Duration: 8 minutes. Music: Mixed tempo vintage Jazz Snake Charming is an optional feature of this act.

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