The Lioness

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The Lioness

Queen of the Jungle

We all know this woman, fierce, commanding and confident. The Lioness is a powerful and feminine display of a woman in complete control of her kingdom. The women love her, the men love her, she is unstoppable. Wait until you see how she lures in her prey... Set to Cerrone's award winning 1977 track 'Supernature' and styled in handcrafted Sina King show-stopping design, Sina brings to life her inner lioness and shows why she is queen of the jungle. Featuring the world's first thigh-high mirror ball boots! If you love opulence, fashion, art and fantasy... then you're going to fall in love with 'The Lioness'. "We're officially obsessed with Sina" - The Hot Mess Trannies (UK) For booking enquiries please CLICK BELOW now. *Video available upon request.

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