Boylesque Festival Vienna starring Australia's Burlesque Star Sina King

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Burlesque performance

Boylesque Festival Vienna starring Australia's Burlesque Star Sina King

13 May 2015 - 14 May 2015

The World's City of Music

Vienna, Austria... Sina, Australia

Boylesque... Burlesque

This should be a match made in opulent heaven. 


Jacques Patriaque introduces Boylesque & more to Vienna!

With the first appearance of Dita van Teese at least burlesque is a wellknown term. A world wide growing boylesque scene though proves that men are as talented as women in swaying their hips and swirling the tassels.

The “2nd annual Boylesque Festival Vienna” presents the cream of the crop of this exciting art in Vienna and celebrates two days of burlesque, boylesque, vaudeville, artistry and everything inbetween. This festival is the first of its kind in Europe and connects the flair of Imperialistic Vienna with a modern and open minded city. Burlesque as an art of seductive, flirtatious and yet humorous dance is already a familiar concept.

In our fast moving world the mixing and clashing of styles arouse most and for all the need for individuality and – at the same time – for “good old values” a long way off stereotyped thinking. History and culture generate creativity, a revival of tradition and skillfully pushes even the boundaries of our modern times.

As Boylesque focuses on spoofs its diversity exceeds the limits of this art and the restrains of sexuality are secondary. Boylesque is a whole new and exciting genre of entertainment. With the elegant removal of gloves, the integration of an alluring shimmy, a brisk booty shake or the ultimative swiveling of hips, it compares favourably with regular burlesque. On the contrary, Boylesque has exceeded the classic act of strip-teasing by integrating pole-dance aerial acrobatics and sophisticated props. 

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Vienna, Austria

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